Session 5 – Day 2

Peace, Security and Development – Partnership for Peace

Tuesday 26 June (14:00 – 15:30)


Peace, security and development are intrinsically linked. On the one hand, wars and violent conflicts have a tremendous impact on development, leading to devastating human costs, weak and dysfunctional public institutions and destroyed livelihoods. More than two billion people live in countries where development is affected by fragility and armed conflict. At the same time, socio-economic hardship, inequalities and exclusion from power and in the delivery of basic services can be among the root causes of violent conflict. In addition, this is compounded by the consequences of environmental degradation and/or climate change.

It is because of these interconnections that the EU has developed a Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy which is global as it addresses military capabilities and anti-terrorism as much as inclusive societies, job opportunities, and human rights. Moreover, the European Consensus on Development highlights that the EU and its Member States will use development cooperation as part of the full range of policies and instruments to prevent, manage and help resolve conflicts and crises, avert humanitarian needs and build lasting peace and good governance.

The evidence shows that strong partnership at the national and local level, to understand, to prevent or to address violent conflict is crucial for the success of this agenda. An empowered civil society is a critical player in development, peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Local authorities are also central actors due to their proximity and durable presence at the local level as well as their legitimacy in their communities. Because peace, security and development can only be achieved through cooperation between state and non-state actors, partnership between the EU, CSOs and Local Authorities worldwide are more than ever invaluable.


  • Share good practises and examples of the work of Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities in the field of peace, security and development
  • Further develop the partnerships between the European Commission, Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities on peace, security and development

 Expected Results

New synergies are created and concrete collaborations are developed between and among the EC, Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities for peace, security and development at the local, regional and global levels.


  • Peter van Sluijs, Coordinator, Civil Society Platform for Peace and Statebuilding


  • Silvia Costantini, European External Action Service, Prevention of conflicts, Rule of Law/Security Sector Reform, Integrated Approach, Stabilisation and Mediation (tbc)
  • Lorenzo Angelini, Policy Officer, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)
  • Mama Koite, African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
  • N. Georges Michel Magambo Budundwa, Executive Secretary of the Platform for Local Authorities of the Great Lakes States
  • Johanna Lutz, European Network of Political Foundations


  • Betty Yolanda, Director, Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)

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